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With over 110 years of experience Trident Refrigeration offer sales & installation of a comprehensive range of air conditioning, climate control, multiple systems and HVAC systems suitable to meet all types of air conditioning or climate control environments. This includes specialist control for computer rooms, for manufacturing and processing environments. Trident Refrigeration offer service and maintenance packages to suit your needs. 
Trident Refrigeration offer Air conditioning systems that are energy efficient, reliable and operate on non-ozone depleting refrigerants from market leading manufacturers such as Daikin, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and Toshiba. 
Trident Refrigeration offer no obligation quotations and advice on air conditioning and climate control systems. All our air-conditioning and climate control systems are quality assurance backed by a price promise. 
We all know very well, computers generate a lot of heat, a basic PC generates 250 watts an hour! When you add to that a traditional CRT monitor, as are still commonly used in server rooms, that figure can increase to more than 350 or even 400 watts. 
Adequate air conditioning for efficient cooling therefore is a must and, as we all know, the growing number of internet users, combined with the ever increasing demand on computer business systems, means that server rooms are becoming hotter and hotter places. CPU core temperatures start to rise and the servers start to operate impaired, leading to malfunction or even failure. 
This large installation illustrated above, produces up to 135 kw of heat per hour. Therefore the primary objective of an efficient air conditioning system in a server room is to remove those thousands of watts of generated heat to the outside of the building to reduce the temperature. 
Another effect of excessive heat build-up is an increased risk of fire, which as we know is probably a server room manager's greatest fear. Most larger institutions have good systems in place to limit and prevent overheating by having already installed adequate air conditioning and C02 pumps. Trident Refrigeration Ltd offer complete server room air conditioning solution packages, ranging from custom installations, to the hire of temporary portable units. We offer advice and a complimentary survey for any situation, from the smallest server room to the largest corporate installations. 
Our systems can be a simple wall or ceiling mounted air conditioning unit to cool a small space, or they can be a fully fitted under floor system for larger server spaces. Whatever your needs, our systems can be wired into your fire alarm system, so that in the event of a fire, the air conditioning will be shut off, thus reducing air movement in the server area, and thus further reducing the risk of fire spread. 
Server rooms like the illustration above, are accidents waiting to happen. The room is full of combustible materials, curtains, carpets and wooden furniture. As part of our design and survey service, we are very happy to liaise with your local fire prevention officer to insure that the air conditioning system you choose, will not be compromised by ill-considered, high fire-risk, combustible fixtures and fittings. 
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